Tuesday, February 25, 2014

QuiltBLISS ~ Blissfully the Best

Hello Everyone! Hooray for QuiltBLISS. I felt the happiest exhaustion on Sunday Morning as I said good bye to all the attendees and wished them happy quilting until next year. QuiltBLISS was an amazing weekend full of good friends, good food and a creative spark by all.

I have been waiting to post a recap about QuiltBLISS until I got our video back from Lilly at Picket Fence Films.  I knew QuiltBLISS would be something I never-ever-ever wanted to forget so I splurged and had a video made of the awesome weekend. So glad I did, because after all the behind the scenes, running around like a chicken with my head cut off and the nuts and bolts of the retreat ~ this video not only captures the weekend but the feelings too!  Lily does amazing work ~ see for your self.

QuiltBLISS 2014 from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

After the crazy initially snow fall and getting everyone up to the retreat, we were eventually all snuggled in and were ready to have a winter wonderland weekend!!!

I learned a lot from hosting a retreat; more than I ever planned. I learned a lot about myself, pressure, comfort zone and being in the moment. Attendees of QuiltBLISS were from all over the United States and Canada they all had their reasons for coming and what a weekend away meant for themselves. My FAVORITE part of the retreat was sitting down and getting to know the attendees. I really didn't schedule any time to do that at the retreat. I thought it would come naturally and be organic, but I was pulled in so many different directions, next year I HAVE to schedule down time to just be in the moment. I think it will make the experience that much more fulfilling and enriching. Lesson learned.

The food was AMAZING. I knew I wanted really standout food at QuiltBLISS. I come from an incredible family of cooks, so I didn't have to look far to find my kitchen staff. My Sister and Mom worked tirelessly on the menu and even harder, with my Aunts help, to pull off each and every delicious meal.

We had some really special classes and teachers who stretched our attendees. Everyone loved Anna's paper piecing class and Kristin's Quilt Journal class (tears!). As well as Amy's scrap block class and Jeanette's hand dyed fabrics class. The quilting community has some incredible teachers out there. We were so lucky to have 7 of them.

Sarah Wright from Sarah Jane Studios and Sherri McConnell from a Quilting Life shared their creative journeys and being in the business of quilting. They shared their quilts and the stories behind them.

We have tentative dates planned for QuiltBLISS February 2015. Come back in the next few months and hear about next years line-up and register!

For more pictures visit our Flickr page and of course #quiltbliss on Instagram.

I couldn't have done any of this without UCMQG my family and friends: JoyLyn, Anna, Kristin, Kristen, Jennifer, Tina, Ginny and Becky!! They are worth their weight in GOLD.

image credit: Amy S.

Several Bloggers have posted recaps of QuiltBLISS.  To read all about it from an attendees perspective click below:


Thank you for coming to QuiltBLISS and thanks for stopping by.

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  1. The video is absolutely beautiful. It sums up the most wonderful time we had! Next time it should include pictures of the awesome food too! Love being there. There would be no hesitation to sign up again!