Tuesday, February 25, 2014

QuiltBLISS ~ Blissfully the Best

Hello Everyone! Hooray for QuiltBLISS. I felt the happiest exhaustion on Sunday Morning as I said good bye to all the attendees and wished them happy quilting until next year. QuiltBLISS was an amazing weekend full of good friends, good food and a creative spark by all.

I have been waiting to post a recap about QuiltBLISS until I got our video back from Lilly at Picket Fence Films.  I knew QuiltBLISS would be something I never-ever-ever wanted to forget so I splurged and had a video made of the awesome weekend. So glad I did, because after all the behind the scenes, running around like a chicken with my head cut off and the nuts and bolts of the retreat ~ this video not only captures the weekend but the feelings too!  Lily does amazing work ~ see for your self.

QuiltBLISS 2014 from Lilly McDowell on Vimeo.

After the crazy initially snow fall and getting everyone up to the retreat, we were eventually all snuggled in and were ready to have a winter wonderland weekend!!!

I learned a lot from hosting a retreat; more than I ever planned. I learned a lot about myself, pressure, comfort zone and being in the moment. Attendees of QuiltBLISS were from all over the United States and Canada they all had their reasons for coming and what a weekend away meant for themselves. My FAVORITE part of the retreat was sitting down and getting to know the attendees. I really didn't schedule any time to do that at the retreat. I thought it would come naturally and be organic, but I was pulled in so many different directions, next year I HAVE to schedule down time to just be in the moment. I think it will make the experience that much more fulfilling and enriching. Lesson learned.

The food was AMAZING. I knew I wanted really standout food at QuiltBLISS. I come from an incredible family of cooks, so I didn't have to look far to find my kitchen staff. My Sister and Mom worked tirelessly on the menu and even harder, with my Aunts help, to pull off each and every delicious meal.

We had some really special classes and teachers who stretched our attendees. Everyone loved Anna's paper piecing class and Kristin's Quilt Journal class (tears!). As well as Amy's scrap block class and Jeanette's hand dyed fabrics class. The quilting community has some incredible teachers out there. We were so lucky to have 7 of them.

Sarah Wright from Sarah Jane Studios and Sherri McConnell from a Quilting Life shared their creative journeys and being in the business of quilting. They shared their quilts and the stories behind them.

We have tentative dates planned for QuiltBLISS February 2015. Come back in the next few months and hear about next years line-up and register!

For more pictures visit our Flickr page and of course #quiltbliss on Instagram.

I couldn't have done any of this without UCMQG my family and friends: JoyLyn, Anna, Kristin, Kristen, Jennifer, Tina, Ginny and Becky!! They are worth their weight in GOLD.

image credit: Amy S.

Several Bloggers have posted recaps of QuiltBLISS.  To read all about it from an attendees perspective click below:


Thank you for coming to QuiltBLISS and thanks stopping by.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

One Week Away

I can't believe QuiltBLISS is one week away. We are in full prep mode and are excited to meet each and every one of you. We have about 45 women signed up for weekend with around 8 more joining us for day only passes. It is a fun group of women from all over the US and Canada!!

Part of the QuiltBLISS prep process was SPONSORS. We have connected with some amazing companies that are only enhancing your QuiltBLISS experience. I hope your as excited as we are:

We want to give a huge BLISSFUL thank you to our sponsors:

Grand Sewing Room and Dinner Sponsor

Omnigrid and Dritz's perfect products at our fingertips
Sarah Jane Studios new "Wee Wander" line

Crafts and Goodies Galore

Yay! 2 Cricket Expressions

 FLATTER Official Ironing Spray
Lots of Batting to keep us Warm
We have many more amazing sponsors! Please Visit our Sponsor Page to learn More.

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Mix and Mingle Recap

We had a lovely time at our Mix and Mingle Saturday Night. Thank you to all who were able to stop by. Our host, Laura and her Harmony store was just delightful. We loved meeting new friends and chatting about fabric, food, quilts and more.

Saturday Night was just a fun little warm-up for the real thing in less than 2 weeks. eeek! Get your projects organized, find your wool socks and get ready to enjoy a unbelievable winter wonderland QuiltBLISS retreat!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Mix and Mingle

We are very excited to be hosting a QuiltBLISS Mix and Mingle at the Harmony Quilt and Yarn Store in Provo. Come join us and meet fellow retreat attendees before the big weekend. Mark your calendars for Saturday, January 11th from 6-8pm in Provo.
Harmony is the darling store owned by Laura Harmon and her daughters. If your looking for fabric, yarn, ribbons, trimmings and anything else delectable then join us for our Mix and Mingle and pick up some must-needed items for projects at QuiltBLISS.
We look forward to meeting and getting to know everyone a little bit better. {We sincerely apologize for our out-of-state attendees who can not join us. We promise you will be greatly missed and we will make it up to you!}

Facts and Questions

Its nearing that time for QuiltBLISS, and we want everyone to be ready with their burning questions answers. Check below and see if anything is helpful. If not, please email me: pamelajcardwell@gmail.com

What should I bring for sewing and classes?
Please plan to bring your sewing machine, cords, pedal and foot(s) as well as fabric, thread and projects.

If you are taking any classes, your teacher will send an email about a week before QuiltBLISS listing any class supplies.

Can I rent a sewing machine?
We had 8 available sewing machines for rent. They have all been rented.

What is QuiltBLISS providing?
Irons and ironing boards, cutting mats, rotatory cutters and rulers (although bringing your projects pre-cut would be helpful). Tables and chairs.

What should I bring for sleeping and lounging around?
Beds, bedding, pillows and towels are all provided. Some rooms have private baths and others shared bathrooms. Please bring any toiletries ie. shampoo, soap, toothbrush and toothpaste, flip flops etc. that you will personally need for the weekend.

It is the winter and there will be snow so dress warmly inside the cabin and at night. Dress is casual and comfortable.

Also, there is a swimming pool and hot tub so bring a swim suit.

What about food, beverages and snacks?
Three meals a day (Friday and Saturday) dinner on Thursday and breakfast on Sunday, snacks and water will be provided all weekend. If you prefer a drink beverage other than water, please plan to provide your own refreshments including: coffee, tea or soda. Alcohol is not permitted over the weekend. Other snacks and treats that attendees want to bring are welcome.

Transportation to QuiltBLISS
Each attendee is responsible for transportation to the retreat. If you need a ride from the airport we can make transportation arrangements. Please see the transportation tab for more details.
Carpooling to the retreat is highly recommended. Although there is some parking space, carpooling will give us plenty of room with the snow.

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Last Week! New Year!

Last Week to buy a ticket to QuiltBLISS! We have one ticket left to stay the whole weekend and several day passes (limited classes available at this late date). Read all about our schedule, teachers, classes, trunk shows and more! Use promo code newyear at checkout for 10% off. Visit EVENTBRITE to purchase your ticket.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Meet Leigh

Hi! I'm Leigh (pronounced Lee). I'm a happily married mom to 5 boys. I always have a zillion projects going on and I love making stuff. I'm a fabric hoarder and I sometimes knit, thrift, garden, and cook. And - I quilt.

When I was 9 my mom signed me up for a sewing class at the local Fabric Land. I started making clothing then. In college I got frustrated with clothing and started on quilts. Then I started shopping at quilt shops, became addicted to buying beautiful, well-designed fabric, and now here I am.

I love the online community. I used to love flickr and the blog world, but now you can find me mostly on instagram (leedledeedle).

Leigh is teaching our Carving out Creative Time class at QuiltBLISS. Her class is being sponsored by Old Red Barn Co.